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Uncle Banjo's Nett-Nett Stories


Illustrated by John Fairbridge

Aboriginal people will tell you that before children are born, their spirits live in the Dreamtime where they must wait until it is their turn to be born.

Just as we have shadows in the real world, so too, the spirit children have spirit shadows, which are called Nett-Netts.

But when the first spirit children were to be born into the real world with bodies of flesh made by their mothers, the Nett-Netts did not make the journey with them.

Later, when the Nett-Netts did come tot the real world, they could not find the children to whom they belonged, so they took up the job of protecting all children from harm.

As part of this job, 150 years ago the Nett-Netts helped create Father Christmas. So nowadays their job is also to keep Father christmas up to date on the children being born or changing address.

But they must also fight the nasty Mee-Mee spirits and the evil magic of a worldwide organisation to which the Mee-Mee belong. This organisation of magic Bad Little Folk is known everywhere just by its initials.

It is called the B.L.F.


Hardback - Out of Print

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