Jim Poulter Author of Childrens books - The Christmas Wombat

The Christmas Wombat

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Illustrated by Jo Poulter

We all know that Father Christmas brings presents to children, but who brings presents to pets and animals?

The Christmas Wombat is an instant classic Australian bush fantasy, full of memorable animal characters such as Iris Emu, Harold Bandicoot, Enid Koala, Collingwood Magpie, Bazza, Gazza and Dazza Ringtail, Kingsford-Smith Glider Possum and Clint E. Quoll.

As the bush community of Wattlebark Creek celebrates its animal Christmas party, thr festivities are interrupted by two evil intruders, who are intent on having their own murderous Christmas dinner.

But just when all seems lost, a hero arises to save the day.


Hardback - Available

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