Jim Poulter Author Books Aboriginal Culture-Templestowe - A Folk History

Templestowe - A Folk History (2015 Edition)


Local History told from the inside

This book, first published in 1985 and revised in 2015, uniquely documents many anecdotes, events and personal experiences of pioneer families in the Templestowe area. As a descendent of one of the earliest settlers in Manningham, Hazel Poulter was privy to a rich oral history of pioneering times.

To this, Hazel has added a detailed account of day to day life during her childhood in the early 20th century. These recollections add a warmth and charm to local history that is not readily achieved by academic historians.

Both informative and entertaining, the book achieves the author's desire to help new residents appreciate and feel part of the rich history and heritage of Templestowe.


Softback - Available

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