Sharing Heritage in Kulin Country

- Lessons in Reconciliation from Our First Contact History

with a Foreword by Uncle Reg Blow


Jim Poulter's family settled in the Yarra Valley east of Melbourne in 1840. His great-grandfather, Tom Chivers spent a childhood immersed in the Aboriginal lifestyle. He attended the last initiation ceremony at Hanging Rock in 1851 and the last intertribal corroboree held at Warandyte in 1852 when the last tribal football game of marngrook was played.

By exploring the rules of marngrook and with information provided by Elders, Jim has been able to reconstruct the original skin totem system that applied across Australia. For the first time the basic tenets of Aboriginal religion are explained and how the concepts of Spirit, Flesh and Skin are reflected both in tribal religion and social organisation.

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