- Our Original National Football Game


In the early 1980’s I first introduced the idea that the traditional Aboriginal football game of marngrook was a precursor to Australian football. Controversy has raged ever since with many eminent historians refuting the idea, but with the idea finding strong support within the general public. Despite the Australian Football League continuing to refute the idea of a connection between the two games in their 2008 official history, the case for the link has continued to grow, thanks to the continuing research and advocacy of myself and others.

Over the years I have continued to revise and update my original paper with the latest version being the second section of my 2011 book ‘Sharing Heritage in Kulin Country’. The Marngrook paper itself is now out of print and will not be reprinted because it is available in the Sharing Heritage text. To view the section on ‘Marngrook, the Tribal Roots of Australian Football’ see Table of Contents


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