Jim Poulter Author of Books on and Child Protection - Fitting The Pieces

Fitting the Pieces

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A novel of child abuse investigation

Child protection is a volatile field. Over the past decade it has been subject to constant crisis, review and inquiry.

'Fitting the Pieces' tells the story from the inside.

It exposes the problems of organisational culture and mismanagement, and how the lives of ordinary families can be crushed when the system gets it wrong

'Fitting the Pieces' is the true to life story of what happens when the Titanic is asked to turn around.

Jack is an experienced social worker who returns to the child protection field again some twenty-five years after his career first began. He soon finds himself at odds with some of the case decisions and practices, and with the ideology shaping them. But Jack finds no audience for his views.

The lives of some innocent families are in danger of being shattered, and Jack finally decides that he has to act. However, the system has ways of dealing with dissidents.


Hardback - Out of Print

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