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Jim Poulter Author of Books on Aboriginal Culture and Child Protection
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The Basic Tenets of Wandjinist Religion

-the World’s Oldest Faith

Uncle Reg Blow (1939-2012) defined the tenets of this ancient religion as follows:

  1. In the beginning the world and the universe was created in the imagination of the Spirit of All Life and the laws of nature were also created in this Dreaming, so that the world was complete in itself. The rising and setting of the sun, the tides, rains and all natural events thus occur in accordance with these laws of nature.
  2. Then the Great Spirit sent life into the Dream to make it real, and the Secret of Dreaming was given to mankind so that the Dream would be sustained. Consciousness and free will were therefore given to mankind so that we would have responsibility for the Earth and all that happened, whether for good or evil.
  3. And so that mankind would have the knowledge to guide the decisions that need to be made in the course of following these responsibilities, all knowledge and truth was seeded into the Dreaming, where we have access to it through out own individual Dreaming. The Dreaming therefore surrounds us and is past, present and future all rolled in to one.
  4. All knowledge and truth is therefore in the Dreaming and is available to us through our personal Dreaming. Whether it is used for good or evil is our unfettered choice. Therefore although always watching and listening, the Spirit of All Life will never intervene in our lives. This is why the Great Spirit, also known as Baiame or Wandjina, must always be represented with eyes but no mouth. God hears and sees everything, but says nothing.
  5. So when we pray it cannot be for the guidance or intervention of the Supreme Being. Our prayers can only be for the inner strength to recognise and accept our responsibilities and find the truth through our own Dreaming.
  6. Mankind is therefore left solely responsible for the land and each other. And there is no reward for accepting these responsibilities, other than the gift of life itself.
  7. There is therefore no consciousness or individuality after death, only oblivion and reabsorption of our life force into the Dreaming.
  8. Neither is there any judgement after death, only how we are remembered by the living.
  9. Life is therefore a once only experience that must be lived affirmatively. It is only by accepting our responsibilities to the Earth and each other that we affirm life and find meaning in our existence.
  10. Because human consciousness is a direct gift from God the only true connection with God is through our own personal Dreaming to the knowledge that has been seeded into the Dreaming.
  11. In creating the world God’s intention was not for mankind to spend time in pious worship, but to care for the real world and find meaning to our lives in our relationships with others. This then, is God’s only will and the meaning of life.

God's only will is to care for the land and each other

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