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Jim Poulter Author of Books on Aboriginal Culture and Child Protection
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Finally, Batman's Fraudulent Diary Exposed!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Batman's 'Treaty' Meeting was on the Plenty River not Merri Creek!

Historians have previously had to wade through a litany of impossible claims made by John Batman in his journal, to try and decide where the 'Treaty' meeting was held. The majority have supported the Merri Creek and a few have opted for Darebin Creek. But they have failed to consider a second eye witness account, that of William Barak who was present at the meeting with Batman as a child of almost twelve.

The title of my new book 'Batman's 'Treaty' -The True Story' says it all. By analysing Barak's account written in 1888 and comparing it to Batman's claims I have been able to reconstruct the real sequence of events in this historic occasion.

It confirms what many people have thought, that Batman was an inveterate liar and that his journal was a fraud. He didn't walk 30 miles a day for four days in a row as he claimed in his diary, he simply sat in his boat moored at the William Street falls on the Yarra at Melbourne and sent his seven Sydney blacks out to make contact with the Wurundjeri.

The Sydney guides took a couple of bags of potatoes with them and followed the Heidelberg Road Songline out to Warringal Park at Heidelberg. There they met some locals and arranged a meeting between the Wurundjeri Elders and Batman at Partingtons Flat on the Plenty River at Greensborough. This historic meeting took place two days later on June 6th 1835, but of course it did not involve them signing a 'Treaty'to sell their land. That was just another of Batman's fabrications.

In the book I explain the similarities between the medieval land purchasing ceremony of Feoffment and the Aboriginal Welcome to Country ceremony of Tanderrum.Batman simply pretended that the welcome to country was a sale of the land.

I sincerely hope that this exposure of Batman as a liar and fraud offends some established views and generates controversy, because I am reliably informed that controversy sells books!

The book is now available from myself and from my stall at Belgrave Survival Day on January 26th for those of you who will be attending this fabulous annual event.After that it will be mainly available from the Melbourne Museum and the Koorie Heritage Trust, as well as directly from me.

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