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Jim Poulter Author of Books on Aboriginal Culture and Child Protection
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Belgrave Survival Day 2016

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Belgrave Survival Day on 26th January each year just keeps getting bigger and better.For those who have been you know, but for those that haven't, get along next year in 2017. It is a great celebration of Australia's indigenous heritage and over the last couple of years I had the pleasure of giving invited talks on such topics as Marngook, our original Aussie Rules football game, and the smallpox plague of 1789, which I have now proven to be a deliberate act of genocide by the British Military.

In relation to Marngrook, and as I said in my 2015 talk, it is without question the oldest football game in the world and a precursor to the modern game of Australian Rules Football.

The AFL however prefers to believe its official historian who regards Marngrook's role in the genesis of Australian Rules as just 'A Seductive Myth'. It is a great pity that the AFL is still wedded to an institutionally racist history that refuses to recognise the role of Marngrook in the genesis of Australian Football.

Clinging to this palpably wrong view of football history is the AFL's version of Terra Nullius, a deeply embedded belief that Australia was a vast empty continent waiting to be occupied and civilized and that Aboriginal society and culture has never had anything worthwhile to contribute to our modern Australian way of life.

It's high time the AFL crawled our of its primordial bog and staggered into the 21st century.

In relation to the 1789 smallpox plague, and as I said in my 2016 talk, I was finally able to solve the riddle of what happened, by seeking the answer to one simple question. How come the only person from the First Fleet to die of smallpox, was a sailor who was in fact a Native American 'Red' Indian?

For those of you interested in the whole story, it is recounted in my new book 'The Dust of the Mindye'.

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