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Jim Poulter Author of Books on Aboriginal Culture and Child Protection

Welcome to my article section

Over the course of my professional career I have had innumerable articles published in academic journals and conference proceedings. I have therefore only included those articles published over the last decade and they are listed in descending date order. It should be noted that many of these articles and conference papers have continued to build on themes that have ultimately contributed to the content of my currently available texts. The relationship of any of the following papers to my current texts will be indicated in the additional information pages which can be viewed by clicking once on the title of the particular article in the following list. Links will also be provided on these information pages to the relevant chapters or sections of my texts.

A birth certificate is not a biological property title

- Has an insidiously persistent idea finally reached its use-by date?

Journal article published in Children Australia, Vol. 32. No. 1, 2007.


As can be seen when reading this article, it maps something of a personal journey. Having been a foster, adoptive and permanent care parent, my professional practice as a social worker was closely informed by these personal experiences.    More

A Process Model for the Protective Investigation and Validation of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

Presented at the Australian College of Child and Family Protection Practitioners National Conference, August 2009, Brisbane, Queensland.


This conference paper presented in 2009 was drawn from my Doctorate awarded in 2002, which had in turn been drawn from my extensive child protection experience in the investigation of child sexual abuse.   More

Exploring the Systematic Relationship of Social Work Values

Presented at the AASW Victorian Branch Ethics Forum, May 2011, Parkville, Melbourne.


Presented as part of the AASW 2010 national ethics review, this paper also drew on the work from my 2002 Doctoral thesis and my subsequent text on heuristic base of social work practice.   More

How to Build a Bark Canoe

A Summary of Historical and Contemporary Documentation in making a Koorong

Paper presented at Wurundjeri Tribe Council, Koorong Committee Workshop, May 2012


As indicated in the article, I was part of a committee convened by the Wurundjeri Tribe Land, Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council in 2011 to rediscover the technology involved in making a traditional bark canoe. I took responsibility for documenting the process involved for posterity.   More

How to do an Aboriginal Songlines Map of Your Municipality

Paper prepared for Reconciliation Movement, October 2012, amended February 2016


Most Australians have never heard of 'Songlines' even though in daily life they will travel along ancient Songline routes as the commute to work or take their family on a Sunday car trip. This paper has been written to help ordinary Australians be more conscious of our Aboriginal heritage, which is all too often invisible to us, even though it is right in front of our eyes every day.   More

Integrating Theory and Practice

– A new heuristic paradigm for social work practice

Journal article published in Australian Social Work, Vol. 58, No. 2, June 2005, pp199-212.


Published in 2005, this article was lifted from my Doctorate which was awarded in 2002.   More

Let's do Justice to John Rawls' Theory of Justice

– Exploring principles of social justice, individual justice and ethical decision making

Paper prepared February 2007, accepted for presentation At AASW 2007 National Conference, but not presented.


As can be seen by the title of this paper, I believe that the value of John Rawls' ideas has been greatly undervalued by the social work profession, which is still greatly influenced by a Marxist ideology. Under this theory Rawls is portrayed as an apologist for capitalist society when in reality he defines the nature of plural democratic societies.   More

Research and Theory Building Functions of Heuristic Case Practice

Published in Australian Social Work, Vol. 56, No.4, December 2003, pp.318-328.


Originally published in 2003, this article was extracted from my doctoral thesis awarded in 2002.   More

The Next Review of the Code of Ethics Starts Now

In: VSW Newsletter, Vol. 5. No. 1. Autumn Edition, 2011.


As a previous chair of the Victorian Branch Ethics Committee and a member of the Victorian Ethics Group I contributed strongly to the 2010 national ethics review, and felt that the review process should be an ongoing function of the AASW.   More

The Theory and Ethics of Collaboration and Advocacy

- Defining four modes of collaboration and five styles of brokerage and advocacy

Presented at the AASW Victorian Branch Ethics Forum, May 2011, Parkville, Melbourne.


Presented in 2011 as part of the national ethics review, this paper also drew on my Doctoral thesis and subsequent study into collaboration as the prime instrumental value of the social work profession.   More

The Two Embedded Research Functions of Heuristic Case Practice

Journal article in : Australian Social Work, Vol. 59. No. 3, September 2006, pp328-341.


Published in 2006, this paper drew on the studies completed in my Doctorate, which was awarded in 2002.   More

Understanding Indigenous Cultural Differences

- Handy Hints for Helping Professionals in Engaging Aboriginal Clients

Presented at 10th Biennial Rural and Remote Social Work Conference, Ballarat, July 2011.


Presented at a rural social work conference in 2011, this paper drew on several decades of social work experience in working with Aboriginal families and appreciating the cultural differences and strategies involved.    More

What Are My Voices Really Telling Me?

– Exploring the symbolism of psychotic experiences with mentally ill offenders through the use of story and metaphor

Journal article published in New Paradigm, December 2003, VICSERV, Nth Fitzroy, pp.6-23.


Published by invitation in 2003 this paper had been presented at a forensic mental health conference, and was based on the therapeutic strategies I had developed at the Thomas Embling Hospital for the criminally insane.   More

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